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A Man With A Vision...

Joseph Hantz SR.


  Joseph Hantz Sr., born 1919, a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania began his 43 year career in locomotive mechanics at the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad's Glenwood yards in 1939. Hard work, diligent studies and inherent skills quickly elevated him to the position of superintendent. Because of his expertise with engines, he was assigned as Mechanist Mate at Pensacola Naval Base Florida in 1943. After his service to his country in WWII, Joe returned to Pittsburgh and the B&O Railroad as one of their top engine inspectors.

  Joe's long experience with locomotives and their workings spawned the vision of operating his own engine repair enterprise. Along with his sons Damian and Stephen, they founded what is today's Hantz Locomotive Service. News of their in-depth knowledge and expert repairs spread rapidly and business flourished with local clientele providing services both in-ship and on location. Joe continued working on engines until he was 79 years old.

 The Vision Continues...

  65 years of "Hantz-On" experience continues the tradition of quality repairs and renovations with many expanded and advanced services to keep their clients up-and-running at productive and profitable levels – locally and nationally.



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